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Jezebel Super Bowl post

Last weekend was Super Bowl weekend in the States. Apparently this is some kind of big sporting event and everyone in America watches men throw balls and run around in circles. Or is that rounders… err, do we mean baseball? Yes, we’re British and we had to look it up – the Super Bowl is the cup final type event for American football in the USA. American football is that game a bit like rugby but with lots more padding and lots less action.

Anyway, now we know what the Super Bowl is, we also need to understand that the half-time ads that are run during the Super Bowl are the most prime-time television advertising slots ever – because everyone watches it, remember? This advertising space is so hotly sought-after that there is nearly as much excitement and debate at what the halftime ads will be like as there is about who will win the Super Bowl. Crazy, but true.

One of these primetime adverts run during the Super Bowl is shown above. It features ten men who contributed to making the modern mobile phone more than just a phone. There was a lot of talk about how sexist the Super Bowl adverts were this year and a Twitter hashtag #NotBuyingIt dedicated to pointing out chauvinism. With this in mind Anna North, a writer for Jezebel, decided to find ten women in mobile technology and included our own Jane Ballantine as one of the lady inventors who could have been included in this half-time ad. Whilst Jane is very flattered to appear in this list, she claims she’s not quite ready for Super Bowl stardom yet!

– Amelia

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