rAPPidRevise revision app rated “top” in The Times


The School Gate blog at The Times published a piece about revision apps today. Various revision apps were trialled with students and we were pleased to see rAPPidRevise (and InQuizitor) came out on top, ahead of BBC Bitesize and EducationApps.

The journalist, Sarah Ebner, expressed concern about the gaming elements of the apps, but the students asked for more games. You can’t please all the people all of the time, but who should you please in a situation like this? The learner or the educationalist?

Despite being big fans of digital technology at Limitless Learning, we are also educationalists with quite an old school opinion about what we believe makes for a good educational experience (see Jane’s post talking about the importance of teachers) i.e. not every part of the learning lifecycle should be replaced by technology. We think our rAPPidRevise apps have struck the right middle-ground between game-like fun and serious study. We want the learning to be enjoyable, but don’t want to trivialise it by making the education secondary to games. We strongly believe this sends the wrong message to learners about the nature and value of subject they’re learning. Maybe that is what concerned Sarah Ebner, in which case, we concur entirely!

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