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  • Out of our hands now

    Out of Your Hands is a project we’ve been working on with The Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) and Financial Fraud Action UK. The newly relaunched website and surrounding programme aim at educate young people on how to avoid becoming a victim of mobile phone theft, crime and fraud. The site contains Read more

  • Competition answer

    At the start of the year, we asked you to tell us where the photo on the front cover of our calendar was taken. The first 50 people to give us the correct answer got a free app and the first 10 got a printed calendar. For those who got Read more

  • The evolution of edtech

  • BETT 2014

    Are you coming to BETT 2014? It’s all the way over in ExCel this year, but the DLR is a nice journey if you can find a seat. We’re here in the Start-up Pavilion. Come and find us on Stand 228 (left as you enter N4) and see our latest apps! If you’re Read more

  • New Year, new calendar

    Another New Year means another new Limitless Learning calendar for you to download, print and plan your year on. In celebration of the work we’ve been doing in the USA, this year’s calendar consists of photographs taken by Jane Ballantine during her trip to the States last summer. We’re also Read more

  • Having an ISTE good time

    Every year the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) hold a conference for teachers to learn about the latest software and hardware begin used in and developed for education. This year we went to the ISTE 2013 conference in San Antonio to learn what technology teachers are using in the States, Read more

  • Remember The Alamo

    At ISTE in San Antonio, I was told that one of my relations may have been at the Alamo and I should go and check out the exhibition. Having decided I’d earned a holiday after the conference, I made the Alamo my first tourist stop on a trip round the Southern Read more

  • Taking the chore out of the Common Core

    We’ve been following the developments of the Common Core State Standards in the USA for some time. We’ve been studying the standards and the American pedagogy and doing some market research with teachers in the States to see how our apps might be received over there. After spending the last Read more

  • Mashable mentions Jane Ballantine

    One of our favourite tech blogs, Mashable, mentioned our founder and CEO, Jane Ballantine, in a list of entrepreneurial women who are making major contributions to technology. Check out the full article – 18 Major Tech Contributions From Entrepreneurial Women – and find our rAPPidRevise apps mentioned at number 7! Jane has Read more

  • Welcome 2013!

    Happy New Year! You know what that means don’t you? We’ve got a new calendar for you! Our search for LiLLy, the Limitless Learning Limited fairy, in every photograph was so popular with young children last year that we’ve mixed it up a bit this year. So now, in every photograph, you Read more

  • Olympic teaching

    So the Olympic athletes have already arrived in the UK and the country is starting to reach fever pitch ahead of the games at the end of this week. Whether you’re a sports fan, patriotic, or simply carried along by the buzz in the media, the Olympics certainly provide a Read more

  • Short, simple science explanations and erroneous overconfidence

    This video presents some interesting research carried out by Derek Muller for his PhD at the University of Sydney, Australia. He looked at the use of short videos to explain and teach scientific principles and how these impacted learning. His findings are quite surprising. Because short online videos tend to Read more

  • Total technology or no technology

    Technology advances at an ever increasing rate and schools are rushing along to catch up, but is it worth their struggle? This article from The Washington Post compares the school day of two girls called Nina – one in a school that has totally embraced technology and one that has Read more

  • Is technology damaging the Millennial teenager?

    What does life look like for the Millennial teenager? Are they digital natives or as naïve as old fogeys? Well, let’s start by looking at how much they use technology – that’s a lot! Particularly mobile. They almost all have mobile phones. They send an astonishing number of texts to Read more

  • What happens if you design your classroom like a video game?

    Paul Anderson structured his class like a video game as an experiment. He wanted to see if changing the structure of lessons would increase engagement and results, which it did. But he also came up against a few issues. He discovered that giving students a lot of independence allowed some Read more

  • Girls versus boys

    Why do girls excel at maths when they’re younger but lose interest when they’re older? The info-graphic below shows how girls drop out of science subjects more and more as they get older. And it doesn’t stop when they leave college – in fact it keeps getting worse. Even if Read more

  • Jane Ballantine speaking at TEDx Glasgow

    Our CEO, Jane Ballantine, doesn’t want us to post her talk from TEDx Glasgow 2012, but we’re a disobedient bunch for a good cause and we think you should watch it. Jane has said to us more than once that the biggest problem with education is that everyone has their Read more

  • Mobile game on!

    There was a time when the only thing commuters would attempt to do on the train is read a newspaper, but get on any train these days and at least half the people on the train will be staring at their mobile phone. Some may be reading emails or the Read more

  • Will you remember what you’re reading now?

    Digital books or e-books are becoming more and more popular but evidence is mounting that we may not actually be remembering what we read in them. This article in Time Healthland suggests that we all struggle to remember what we read onscreen and makes some interesting sugestions as to why Read more

  • Innovate your school!

    If you’re interested in how technology can help your school, you might want to check out the Innovate my school website for ideas, tips and teacher reviews on software and hardware. If you use Apple technology such as iPods or iPads in your school, you may also be interested in Read more

  • Super Bowled over by Jezebel

    Last weekend was Super Bowl weekend in the States. Apparently this is some kind of big sporting event and everyone in America watches men throw balls and run around in circles. Or is that rounders… err, do we mean baseball? Yes, we’re British and we had to look it up Read more

  • Happy 2012!

    So 2012 is here already and that can mean only one thing. What thing we hear you cry? The Olympics? The Queen’s Diamond Jublilee? UEFA’s European Football Championship? No, it’s time for us to give you a new calendar to plan your year on – more important than the Olympics, Read more

  • Careerwise

    3M Careerwise is the latest addition to our growing suite of educational websites we’ve written for 3M: 3M Streetwise teaches road safety to Key Stage 2 children, 3M Worldlywise teaches sustainability to Key Stage 3 and 4 students, 3M Careerwise teaches about the variety of careers available in STEM (Science, Technology, Read more

  • Back to school with xfxthemag femininity lab

    The beginning of September is back to school season in many parts of the world. The summer is over – and in days gone by, the harvest has been collected by the older children – and so pupils can return to their classrooms for another winter of learning. Sounds like Read more

  • rAPPidRevise revision app rated “top” in The Times

    The School Gate blog at The Times published a piece about revision apps today. Various revision apps were trialled with students and we were pleased to see rAPPidRevise (and InQuizitor) came out on top, ahead of BBC Bitesize and EducationApps. The journalist, Sarah Ebner, expressed concern about the gaming elements Read more

  • Are schools the “last holdout from digital revolution”?

    At the eG8 forum in Paris yesterday Rupert Murdoch spoke out about how digital technologies have left education largely untouched. He is quoted as saying “A teacher waking up from a 50-year nap would find a classroom looks almost exactly the same as it did in the Victorian era. My Read more

  • rAPPid reviews!

    Our rAPPidRevise apps are starting to collect reviews in iTunes and online. They got a very detailed and favourable review from Fun Educational Apps. Although usually review apps for a younger age group, they really understood the way rAPPidRevise apps have been designed to cater specifically for the different Read more

  • Suite!

    Our suite of mobile apps is building and we now have six apps in iTunes and more in the pipeline. If you want to be kept updated with all our rAPPidRevise releases and updates, please subscribe to our RSS feed on our website, or fill in the contact form Read more

  • Bride or Groom?

    Who do you know more about: Kate Middleton or Prince William? Our FREE rAPPidRevise Royal Wedding app is released today so you can see who you can score more in: Kate or Wills. With nearly 200 multiple-choice questions on the couple’s lives and courtship, there’s plenty to test your knowledge Read more

  • StartUpCafe 60 Second Interview

    Our CEO, Jane Ballantine, was interviewed by Kate Ho of the StartupCafe for a 60 second profile interview. There’s a little bit about our rAPPidRevise products and how they came to exist and probably more strange facts about Jane than you really want to know. Air guitar anyone? – Amelia Read more

  • e-learning day at Tower Hamlets

    This morning we took the remnants of our rAPPidRevise BETT stand to an e-learning fair in London. It was great to meet the pupils, teachers and other interested visitors as well as demonstrate our latest apps (not yet in iTunes). It’s always uplifting to see the way people interact with Read more

  • Girl Geek Dinner Speaker

    Jane Ballantine, the founder of Limitless Learning Limited, has been a fan of the Girl Geek Scotland group since she first discovered them nearly a year ago. Having previously attended dinners and workshops organised by the group, Jane was a speaker at the dinner last night. She spoke about her Read more

  • SquareGo review of rAPPidRevise

    Last week Jane met with Phil Harris of games reviewing site SquareGo and he had a play with our app. His extensive and detailed review is up online today so please take a look. We love that he found our app addictive and educational, and it’s true he really didn’t Read more

  • Film stars of BETT

    Okay, this is a tricky one. You’ll have to be alert and concentrate hard, but if you do, you’ll see (some of) us at our stand at BETT in the BETT 2011: Video Review. Okay, if you want a tip, forward to 2 minutes 45 seconds and look to the Read more

  • Jane Ballantine speaking at Girl Geek Scotland

    I’m honoured and thrilled that I’ve been asked to speak at the next Girl Geek Scotland Dinner in Edinburgh in March. I’ve been asked to talk about my experiences of developing and launching apps with Limitless Learning and how I first became interested in working in technology. The title I’ve Read more

  • Will mobile phones teach the world to read?

    According to data on Global Dashboard the number of mobile phone subscriptions in Africa could soon be greater than the number of literate people. So what does this mean? What happens when it is no longer the access to technology that is the barrier to mobile communication and information, but Read more

  • Launch in CRN

    Our launch of rAPPidRevise revision apps is mentioned in the CRN coverage of BETT, which is also a pretty good summary of what was new at BETT. It’s worth a read if you didn’t make it.

  • Revised rAPPidRevise app in iTunes

    Our first app, rAPPidRevise GCSE Science 1, has been updated in iTunes to include progress tracking charts and ranking icons. We have also made a few revisions to content and fixed the bug that wasn’t displaying zeros, which did some weird things to our content. It’s still free to download, Read more

  • Apple – the forbidden fruit

    Recovering from BETT and reflecting on what we learnt. Whilst the overwhelming majority of visitors to our stand loved our app concept, a few were disappointed that the rAPPidRevise apps are only currently being developed for Apple mobile devices. We do have plans to port the apps to other devices Read more

  • Apps away!

    Fantastic feedback on our app and well over a thousand downloads so far. The main criticism is that it’s not available in more subjects and we’re working on that as fast as we can! We’ve just got to finish adding some more functionality to our current app first. So if Read more

  • Getting BETTer all the time

    Today was spent getting our stand ready for the British Education Training and Technology exhibition – or the BETT show as it’s known to its regulars. The BETT show is the world’s largest exhibition of technology in education with over 600 exhibitors displaying their latest and greatest developments and thousands Read more

  • Appy New Year! Have a free GCSE Science app to celebrate!

    Happy New Year! And it’s an especially ‘appy new year for us, because our first iPhone app, rAPPidRevise GCSE Science 1, was approved by Apple today and is now available in the App Store in iTunes It’s not got all the features we’ll be releasing in the next few weeks, Read more

  • Happy Christmas! Here’s our present to you!

    Despite hold-ups with the snow, we’ve been trialling and adjusting our app and the first beta is nearly ready to be sent to Apple. But Apple are now on holiday and that’s where we should be too. Have a good Christmas everyone! But before we go, we have a little Read more

  • Snow go slow for Limitless Learning

    Despite extremely heavy snow fall in Scotland making it very difficult for people to get to work, we’re managing to press ahead with our app development regardless. We’re having to be a little creative in how we get our work done, but we’re managing to keep going and are looking Read more

  • You can BETT we’ll be there. Will you?

    We will finally be launching our suite of revision apps at the BETT show in London in January 2011. BETT is the largest education technology exhibition in the world with plenty of products to please both enthusiastic educators and gadget freaks. And we’re both! If you’re planning on visiting BETT, Read more

  • ESD for Geography Students

    A new section of the sustainability website written by Limitless Learning Limited launched today in the UK, along with an update to the existing science section. The new section helps geography teachers plan and deliver lessons that aid schools in meeting the UN requirements for Education for Sustainable Development. The Read more

  • Award winning stuff

    Today we learned that the sustainability website we wrote last year won an EnvironCom award in Ireland last night. These awards are designed to reward the best melding of environmental and commercial practice. Always nice to hear our hard work is being recognised and, more importantly, making a difference!

  • Expanding the team

    We’re currently adding a couple of new members to the team because it’s holiday season and people will insist on going away and having holidays! If you are interested in joining the team, please do get in touch with your CV! – Jane

  • The Today Programme on Radio 4

    Our CEO, Jane Ballantine, was woken very early this morning by Adam Shaw, the Business correspondent from The Today Programme on Radio 4. He wanted to know why we were developing iPhone apps and how we were finding the process. As we are still in the early stages of app Read more

  • Talking apps on BBC Radio Scotland

    After an article in The Observer last week, this morning our CEO, Jane Ballantine, was interviewed about the app development process by the very amiable Fred MacAulay of BBC Radio Scotland on his programme MacAulay and Co. He asked her to explain what apps were and why they’ve become popular Read more

  • Coverage in The Observer

    The Founder of Limitless Learning Limited, Jane Ballantine, was interviewed by The Observer about our developing iPhone app. In the article, she talks about the app development process and her love of mobile technology. Jane would like us to point out that during her interview she said lots of intelligent Read more

  • Ready for close-up observation

    The founder of Limitless Learning Limited, Jane Ballantine, was interviewed by The Observer today. Not in the habit of appearing in national newspapers, she was somewhat anxious about the process – particularly having her photograph taken – but it turned out to be quite a painless process. (Jane’s edit: It’s Read more

  • Our own iPhone apps

    We’ve been working on an iPhone application for a few months now and are planning to launch a suite of products during the next school year. We’ve got the basic code together but are looking at adding whistles and bells (not literally – well, except for a few sound effects) Read more

  • New government = New education system

    The new coalition government is playing havoc with our workload! Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but a number of projects are on hold until policy decisions are clarified as it looks like the direction of some of our projects will change. Still, the lull in progress Read more

  • 3M WorldlyWise launches

    3M organised a launch day for the WorldlyWise website that we’ve worked hard on over the summer. Today the launch took place in Garth Hill College in Bracknell. Dick Strawbridge MBE launched the site. He worked with classes of Year 8 pupils and talked to them about the challenges facing Read more

  • UK’s Silicon Valley

    Limitless Learning Limited is heading north of the border to the region that Scots like to call UK’s Silicon Valley. Although we’ll be based up here to work with developers on an exciting new project, we still have a team in London and are available for projects in that area Read more

  • Limitless Learning Limited was born

    A week after Apple’s App Store launched, Jane Ballantine, founded Limitless learning Limited in London, England. Having worked in educational publishing for four years, she wanted to build a company that took a different approach to the creation of learning materials – a company that wouldn’t be afraid to embrace Read more

We have removed our apps from the app stores to update them.