How do we work?

There is no typical project.

Sometimes we get very involved with the full product life-cycle and sometimes our input is part of a much larger project. But we usually follow these steps…

  1. You tell us your learning aims, training needs and key content or beahvioural-change messages.
  2. We work with you to define your objectives. We analyse audience types and personas and consider their different needs. We carry out research to understand the current culture and nature of the learner and their learning environment. This is done so that the proposed solution has the best chance of meeting the needs of the learners and being adopted by them.
  3. We refine the scope, content, resource blend and budget and make a variety of proposals accordingly. We aim to offer the best possible value for money whilst still delivering an effective learning solution, but our more creative ideas will usually cost more.
  4. We agree deliverables, budget, timeline and sign-off procedure with you.
  5. We use our most appropriate team members to help you realise your vision. Depending on the nature of the project, we will work with your subject matter experts, or use our own.
  6. We will deliver creative, interactive learning solutions that your learners will love and you can be proud of – often for many years to come.

LLL Activities

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