Jane Ballantine speaking at TEDx Glasgow

TEDx Glasgow

Our CEO, Jane Ballantine, doesn’t want us to post her talk from TEDx Glasgow 2012, but we’re a disobedient bunch for a good cause and we think you should watch it. Jane has said to us more than once that the biggest problem with education is that everyone has their own opinion based on their own experiences. In this talk she argues that the educational system is not as out-of-date as we’re lead to believe by certain politicians, media figures and technology companies. Teachers are adapting their pedagogy (and their classrooms) to incorporate the latest technology and techniques. Education is evolving with society, as is always has. It doesn’t need another revolution.

Jane draws on her experience as both a teacher and a mobile-learning entrepreneur to demonstrate that some of the “revolutionary” ideas being suggested to “fix education” are already in use, and the best way to improve the system is to have stimulating and inspirational teachers who understand their students.

Jane concludes the talk by saying that in parts of the world where there aren’t enough trained teachers, mobile technology has the potential to provide an education to people who may not otherwise have access to it.

Oh why am I writing this summary? Just watch it!

– Amelia

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