Jane Ballantine speaking at Girl Geek Scotland


I’m honoured and thrilled that I’ve been asked to speak at the next Girl Geek Scotland Dinner in Edinburgh in March. I’ve been asked to talk about my experiences of developing and launching apps with Limitless Learning and how I first became interested in working in technology.

The title I’ve been given to work to is ‘First steps, side steps and jumping hurdles’. There have certainly been a fair few hurdles to get over in the last year or so, as well as a variety of first steps in different directions, a few side-steps, a lot of tentative baby steps and I’m sure there are plenty of backwards steps I could throw in there too – just to add to the dance of it all!

There has been pre-event coverage by Girl Geek Scotland, Women in Technology, the Edinburgh Guardian and various fans all over Twitter. No pressure then!

– Jane

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