Having an ISTE good time


Every year the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) hold a conference for teachers to learn about the latest software and hardware begin used in and developed for education. This year we went to the ISTE 2013 conference in San Antonio to learn what technology teachers are using in the States, how 1-2-1 schools are working out over there and how teachers are reacting to the Common Core tests.

Photo of Julie in front of our rAPPidRevise stand at ISTE

Julie getting our rAPPidRevise stand set up in the exhibition hall.

The show started quietly but Julie did an excellent job of finding teachers to test our apps and getting feedback on our concepts.

Jane did a few talks about the differences between UK and US curriculums, pedagogy and culture – some of them were even well-attended! You can read more about this in our blog.

Mini amphitheatre

Jane explaining the differences between UK and US pedagogy to an interested audience member…

We were utterly exhausted by the time the conference ended, but pleased with a job well done and happy to have made new friends.

Exhibitors of the British EdTech Pavilion

Exhibitors of the British EdTech Pavilion on the final day

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