e-learning day at Tower Hamlets


This morning we took the remnants of our rAPPidRevise BETT stand to an e-learning fair in London. It was great to meet the pupils, teachers and other interested visitors as well as demonstrate our latest apps (not yet in iTunes). It’s always uplifting to see the way people interact with rAPPidRevise. When we’re working away on getting it perfect, it’s easy for us to forget how much people enjoy it already. One girl came back to the stand three times to improve her score, and other pupils came back in groups to play with their friends. That’s the kind of engagement in revision we love to see!

After the fair, we took our app into the classrooms of Tower Hamlets to use as part of a revision workshop. It was interesting to see how the app could be used effectively in a classroom setting and how much more popular the iPad was than the iPhone. Lots of lessons learned for how apps can work in this setting and we’re looking forward to doing more revision workshops in future!

– Jane and Mat

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