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3M Careerwise is the latest addition to our growing suite of educational websites we’ve written for 3M:

3M Streetwise teaches road safety to Key Stage 2 children,
3M Worldlywise teaches sustainability to Key Stage 3 and 4 students,
3M Careerwise teaches about the variety of careers available in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

After launching at WorldSkills last week (we were also there!), Careerwise is now live. The site encourages 11–14 year-olds to think about their interests, abilities and motivations. By answering a series of questions, students get a personalised profile indicating their likely preferred working styles and career options. They are then electronically introduced to real 3M employees who share some of their characteristics.

The 3M employees share:

  • what they were like at school
  • what jobs they’ve done
  • what they do now
  • what advice they would give their
  • teenage selves.

Leading on to individual activities and group discussions, the free online resource has been designed to get students thinking about the sorts of careers they might like to pursue – and what skills and qualifications are needed to get them there.

If you want to see what you should have become, try the personality profile quiz!

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